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By lettie (registered) | Posted June 07, 2011 at 18:19:24

It takes vision and commitment to make things happen. We don't have that in our Council. They have no sense of long term planning, dreams and budgeting to change and grow this city over a long period of time. Never take any chances. They just know how to get elected and complain about taxes to get elected.

And they know how to let builders take over the little green space we have. Who wants to live in the core where they want intensification and then take away greenspace like Wolverton Park. The core is already underserviced with green space. And when the Board of Ed building at Main and Bay gets redeveloped there goes that little plot of grass too. Parking spaces where we were supposed to have a pedestrian area at Gore Park. just goes on and on, nothing. Heck if our mayor had his way city hall would still be in the mall. Remember Bob Bratina wanted to stay in the mall?

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