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By appalbarry (registered) - website | Posted April 22, 2007 at 08:59:47

"Similarly, the automatic washer gave hours of extra time to the caretaker of the family unit, and allowed her ... to do other things, including working for wages outside of the home."

As I recall, there have been a few studies which found that all of these new and improved appliances did not reduce the number of hours that women spend on housework. Those "outside wages" involve work in addition to housework, not instead of it.

"I would prefer that the (anti-idling) bylaw be enforced."

Seems unlikely in Hamilton unless you have parking meters in the Drive Thru lane. Has any bylaw except overtime parking EVER been enforced in Hamilton? Not that I can tell.

I would LOVE it if the parking goons took a couple of months off of parking patrol in winter and ticketed property owners who don't clear the snow off of their sidewalks.

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