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By SameOldSong (anonymous) | Posted June 13, 2011 at 14:32:36

Where will you put all of this new expanded transit capacity? On which new rails will these high speed trains of the future run?
Who owns all the land on which the current trains run, and how can we add more rails?

Yes, the highways are congested. Yes we need more people to carpool.
If there was a solid plan in place, fully thought out, that had a start date and end date for when this new utopian transit system was going to be up and running, then people might buy in.
Currently it's a bunch of mostly non-car owning city dwellers proposing that people who commute to work need to pay more for the privilege, and no real solution.

The GO train is archaic and overpriced compared to any modern rail system in Europe or Asia.
Until someone suggests something even close to as cost effective and convenient as the automobile, toll roads aren't going to win any favor.

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