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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted June 13, 2011 at 15:25:56 in reply to Comment 64808

For me the harder area to discuss is Stoney Creek - I mean, people just use the term Stoney Creek to refer to the entire eastermost region of the city, both upper and lower.

This is a very intriguing comment in a very intriguing article that for me, comes down to identity.

It's all fine to have an 'It's a small world, after all...' mentality, but for me, identity includes a sense of place. I can't imagine every ridding ourselves of this, nor of clan, either.

'Stoney Creek' does present problems. To me, they should have renamed the part that was on the Mountain. It should not be 'Upper Stoney Creek'. (Even if informally.) There's a reason that people from Fruitland or Winona aren't from Stoney Creek, regardless of those communities having been absorbed pre-Hamilton amalgamation. It's because regardless of what the piece of paper says, they're not Stoney Creek. I think we play around with some pretty sizeable stuff with this blurring...even if it doesn't seem that way. People from Dundas are not 'Hamiltonians'. Neither are people from any of the other municipalities that were affected by Mike Harris's edict. (And while I still regard 'authentic' Stoney Creek to be The Golden Square Mile of Hwy#8 to the Escarpment, Gray Road to Centennial Parkway, I can concede that Stoney Creek stretches to the Lake and to the old boundary with Fruitland. Begrudgingly. But still has nothing to do with anything 'upper'. LOL)

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