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By Steve (registered) | Posted June 16, 2011 at 14:06:12 in reply to Comment 64915

My number was based on years of observations. Sure you can find out if they are drug addicted. If you question that then you haven't walked the street. Walk King and Barton and take notes. You don't even need to interview, you can clearly see the signs of drug addiction.

I never said making prostitution legal won't help prostitutes. I said it won't help a subset of prostitutes. The drug addicted ones, which has a % much higher than 10% on King & Barton Streets.

BTW, a drug addicted prostitute wouldn't be able to work for a brothel or agency. They wouldn't pass the licensing and medical/health regulations.

So again, legalizing prostitution would have zero impact on the drug addicted ones I pass on a daily basis along King & Barton.

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