Comment 64936

By Steve (registered) | Posted June 16, 2011 at 17:47:37 in reply to Comment 64934

I never once claimed my statement 99 of 100 to be either data or fact. In common language the 99 of 100 is often used to refer to vast majority. Maybe we are from different backgrounds.

My comment was perfectly clear. Please don't blame your quick reading as me not being clear.

How will legalization give more access to help for the drug addicted street prostitutes of Hamilton and elsewhere? There are already programs through various church groups and social agencies available such as Liz Fry. Nowhere have I heard that legalization will provide additional funds or resources. The programs already exist, and for anyone to comment that they aren't utilized because of illegalities can not back up that claim.

You have no proof that Holland's cleaned up drug addicted street prostitution.

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