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By z jones (registered) | Posted June 16, 2011 at 18:12:26 in reply to Comment 64936

I never once claimed my statement 99 of 100 to be either data or fact.

You realize how ridiculous that sounds, right? Citing a statistic and then saying you never meant it to be taken as fact?

My comment was perfectly clear.

At least two people misunderstood you, so maybe it's not as clear as you think.

How will legalization give more access to help for the drug addicted street prostitutes of Hamilton and elsewhere?

How does criminalization help them? It doesn't. Not even a little bit. In fact it hurts them again on top of the hurt that comes from being a prostitute in the first place. It doesn't stop them from being prostitutes, it just ensures that their pimps will be criminals who also deal in drugs and who aren't accountable to anyone but their mob bosses, who don't care one bit about the well being of the prostitutes.

In Canada, every single prostitute is at the mercy of their johns and their pimps. In Holland, prostitutes have rights, including the right to a safe work environment. It's very clear that a lot more prostitutes work in a safe environment in Holland than in Canada, where NO prostitutes work in a safe environment.

Will legalization help street prostitutes? In Holland, there are less street prostitutes since legalization and more brothel/escort service prostitutes. So it's pretty clear that legalization helped some of them even if it didn't help all of them.

Face it, there is NO reason for prostitution to stay illegal in Canada. It hurts prostitutes and it doesn't stop prostitution. As the article says, the worst you can say about legalization is that it doesn't solve every problem. But that's no reason to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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