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By Steve (registered) | Posted June 16, 2011 at 21:12:16 in reply to Comment 64937

WOW, what are you reading??

Never once did I suggest jailing prostitutes. Never once did I say that I didn't "like" prostitutes. In fact, my first post talks about those who are victimize by "men". There you have it my dislike is for the men who victimize. I just want it to be clear.

And, never once did I say there was a "solution" for drug addiction (prostitute related, or not).

And by the way, I'll wager money I can get closer to my number (99/100) then others who have claimed "every" in their arguement, remember that's 100%. Go attack them.

I was never asked how to identify someone addicted to drugs. And I wouldn't do it by walking by them, I'd look at them. And if you can't pick out someone who's addicted to meth or crack, you never look them in the eye when you ride your bike past them, shame on you.

You want to know the "big secret" let me share it with you. Let's see there is the manic pacing, the skeletal look, the rotting and missing teeth, the gaunt look with deteriorating complextion, the asking if one has any supply.

Crack or Joy for Life? You tell me

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