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By Art Brut (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2011 at 11:28:27

Apparently some cities just get it. And some can just get money.

The Heathrow price tag is relative. If I’m not mistaken there’s the £2b cost of actually staging the 2012 Games and an additional £11b in spending in the run-up to the Games. I’m sure this is feasible in part not only because London is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the EU (one responsible to generating around a third of the UK's GDP), but also because its planning has created an economic, media and cultural powerhouse, one likely to recoup that investment sooner or later. Hamilton, meanwhile, has an infrastructure gap around the size of the Red Hill Parkway – money that is quite literally going into a hole in the ground. And in the absence of substantial private sector growth, the bill has maily gone to taxpayers.

That said, there is nothing stopping us from reversing decades of decline except absence of a compelling vision and lack of political willpower. Which is unfortunate to say the least. What’s a one-term mayor for if not to effect radical but necessary change?

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