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By michel (registered) | Posted June 23, 2011 at 11:48:51

Here, yet again, a perfect example of the lamentable situation we are in, where we, as human beings, have to spend our valuable life time running petitions and doing grass-root organizing in order to force our politicians and bureaucrats to reverse their unilateral decisions and implement, with reluctance, reasonable taxpayers requests - the 'no-but' automatic responses of mega systems.

If we were to take into account the $ value of all these citizens efforts, and add that to the costs of these bureaucratic road-blocks we would find out we would have paid for at least 10 of those crossings, which, according to another RTH article have already, along with many other suggestions, been deemed desirable as far back as September 1996.

Enough already! We want action from them, not reactions from us.

In another bout of bureaucratic indolence, I understand that a proposed downtown mega-liquor store to be located between Main and King on an empty block of land (Catherine St., if memory serves) has been lingering in the corridors of City Hall for over 6 years now pending some more approvals, and it is hoped that its construction MAY start at the end of this year - but don't you go and start betting on it either! m.

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