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By Cynthia (anonymous) | Posted June 24, 2011 at 12:46:56

This is a great win for pedestrians. What must be noted is this happened in an affluent and well-organized neighbourhood. I would imagine there are many other areas where this action is required. Indeed, a pedestrian master plan study is needed, we also need to ensure any reccomendations that may result from this study are actually implemented.
In an ideal world, I would hope for a move toward a type of system like that in place in Halifax. In that city cars stop at intersections, whether directed by a signalled crossing or simply by the presence of pedestrians, and allow people to cross streets. This is a by-law in Halifax and makes for more civilized interactions between pedestrians and drivers. There are rarely times times when it feels like you are waiting for five minutes to cross the road waiting for a break in traffic. Ideally, this makes drivers more aware of pedestrians and pedestrians better able to walk around the city and their neigbourhoods. I do not see a major change like this neccessary or occuring in Hamilton, but nevertheless believe is a good example to follow.

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