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By John Neary (registered) | Posted June 27, 2011 at 14:28:05

@Robert D: I am also ambivalent about using this land for a park. Particularly when the Hamilton Downtown Mosque's efforts to acquire a nearby block for privately funded mixed-use (housing/school/larger mosque) development look to be thwarted by the police. If it really came to it I would prefer to have the mosque project than the park, although I agree with you that in the best of all possible worlds we'd get real construction on both blocks. But there is political will to turn John/Rebecca into something other than a parking lot and I think it is worth trying to make the best of the city's initiative.

@W.Entworth: thanks!

@WRCU2: google "Crabtree Fields" for an example of a fairly young but splendidly green park in London, England. After being hit by a bomb in WWII, this land was used as a parking lot until 1985. Here's a sample picture. Twenty-five years is not a long time in the lifecycle of a park, and if we can't think that far ahead we're already screwed.

@Undustrial: exactly. Have you noticed the rosebushes on that block?

I encourage everyone to send their comments directly to the city. As mystoneycreek astutely points out, this is a rare opportunity for engagement without protest.

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