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By hero biographer (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2007 at 09:20:13

Around the same time the media were covering this story, I found out about another local hero whose tale will probably never be told again.

It is a tale of an older lady who was awaiting her son and his family to come for easter where the whole family would spend a few days together in her one bedroom seniors apt. in downtown Hamilton.

She had come from Croatia when she was young, married, struggled raising 2 children, one with serious medical problems who eventually passed away.

She struggles to this day on a fixed income and very limited means.

But that did not stop her.

Her circumstance did not stop her from standing up to two youths as they were beating another.

She approached them in Downtown Hamilton at around midnight on a sunday night after going to the local store to pick up some last minute items.

The youths fled and she helped the boy who was bruised and beaten , his only possessions a bike and a bag. The boy was apparently walking home which was a foster care facility of some sort far in the east end.

After helping the boy find a temporary stoarge for his bike, this lady walked the boy to the bus to await transit (she was paying).

After an hour and no bus, police stopped and informed them the buses ended an hour prior before leaving the pair to the mercy of Hamilton streets.

Undaunted, the lady took the boy to her apartment, called a cab, assembled some of her last food and paid for the cab to drive him home.

This despite having nothing much herself and when she told me this story it had been around 4:30 pm and she had not eaten yet that day. but she gave from what she had, stood up to danger, all because of a strength of character rarely noticed in today's society.

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