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By critic 1 (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2007 at 12:04:58

To post a comment I must multiply one by five. I thus surmise this narrative is to be graded on a scale of one to five. It will pass, I'm sure, much like life itself.

Keeping pets is a growing trend in city life, perhaps as a link to our rural past. Or, perhaps this is an alternative to populating families with children. Perhaps it is a sign of society's increasing wealth, though I note that often the poorest families have the largest dogs.

Mr. Fenton's narrative reminds me that in winter many mountain residents toboggan down the banks of the water reservoir at the intersection of Stone Church and Garth Streets. They often run their dogs at the same time. In spring frozen mounds of dog waste slowly melt. Rains wash the waste through the soil to the water reservoir below.

As they grow older, more and more of my neighbours' ears have grown long and floppy.

Regretably, I have no photos to lend credence or context to these observations.

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