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By DealWithThis (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2007 at 14:15:31

I believe in the "undulating plateau" - waves of layoffs, recession/depression, recoveries and
oil prices dropping and leaping with the waves. People owning land will be able
to grow food. In a scenario of stark collapse those who have not will take and I don't see that as being likely.
In the undulating plateau there will be much denial of the actual cause. We
see it now. It's boiling a frog by slowly raising the temperature. We see the denial, the blaming of "above ground factors" or big oil not being willing to pump or gouging the consumer.
Those who really understand - the move will have to be to localize,
become productive and prepare for the innevitable - a low energy future.

I don't see how "Chindia" can be a superpower. They produce for US/first-world
consumption. Without that who are they producing for whom? Themselves? They are
only making money because of the west - both their upper and lower classes. They
are gone when they USA sinks. Rampant, evil, destructive consumption will not be possible. The old order will give way to ???

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