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By helpful (anonymous) | Posted July 02, 2011 at 12:38:30 in reply to Comment 65475

They're only answer is to keep listening to gospel accdg to Spectator, or CHML, and the often defeated ex-mayor. Also they treat RTH like it was their comment toilet. Maybe if public money came in meaningful $$ from those taking advantage of infrastructure--the house builders, devpmt charges, eg--then maybe the sewers and toilets of the RTH slammers would be fixed and work [and they'd dump at home instead of publicly]. Historically red-baiting as an act has almost nothing to do with who or what one is or is saying and lots to do with closing down all talk because "I deem you this", and therefore. Hands over ears and noise blocking talk. There are fewer of these types around than the RTH negative post-ers would indicate--and a lot has to do with them being long time in no-discussion land, Hamilton. It's a bit like religious zealots blinded by bigotry: reason is not a human activity.

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