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By d.knox (registered) | Posted July 05, 2011 at 17:34:18

If I had to choose, I'd pick all-day Go, leaving from Liuna. But it sounds as if we don't actually have an either or situation here, especially if Metrolinx picks up all direct costs.

I'm generally fairly staunchly on the side of limiting tax increases, but I could see paying for this and I have no intention of ever using it. The all-day Go means people from Toronto can live in downtown Hamilton and get back and forth to work easily. The LRT means that the stretch of easily accessible housing is quite broad and there will be a wide-spread area of gentrification - both from increased property values with existing residents and from an influx of Torontonians who can't afford to live in Toronto. This influx would bring more upscale accommodations in the form of condo development, more people with larger disposable incomes, more amenities. And ultimately, more reasons to go downtown.

Hmmmmm, maybe I could use that LRT after-all.

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