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By Rayya45 (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2011 at 00:27:59

This man deserves a medal.

The point that Counselor Clark saying that the city"should focus on Rymal Road", doesn't make sense to me. For more years the city has been trying to rebrand itself and try to bring business and building back to the city. They have spend millions in improvements over the years and we are finally seeing Hamilton come back to life with new condo developments, shops and restaurants. And now after all that work the city has an amazing opportunity to improve transit and promote growth in the core and instead they are not pushing for the one thing we need and instead saying the city should basically give up in the core all together. To me that is just ridiculous.

Our busses are nearly to the breaking point, they are overcrowded, slow and the cost is rising every year. LRT should bring the cost to ride down and it will definitely help the over crowding issues we are having. For council to despite this is ludicrous. They need to see pass the right now and look to the future.

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