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By Remi (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2007 at 00:07:16

One other thing to consider is Lumens per watt or light production per watt... As far as I know, LEDS are only able to produce something like 55 lumens/watt, while fluorescent something like 70 lumens/watt and high pressure sodium (street lights) 120lumens-watts. I`m sorry I`m not giving sources for my info but i`M confident my numbers are in the right ballpark. If the last research I saw is correct the latest 30$ led bulb would only be able to produce the same light as a 40 watts ILB while you can get a 100 watt ILB equivalent for 3$ in fluorescents...LEDs do last longer though and potential is very high as I think I`ve seen prototypes of 150 Lumens/watt in LEDs, but right now Fluorescents are still king in my appartment.

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