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By farmer6re9 (registered) - website | Posted May 10, 2007 at 19:20:08

The writer does make a good point:

"In my humble opinion, our resources would be far better spent on finding ways to clean up the chemicals that truly are the threat to our very existence and on finding ways of creating products that can be easily and totally recycled."

This morning was trash day in my neighborhood. We placed our three bag limit and three full blue bins. Our immediate next door neighbors placed out one and three blue bins respectively, totalling seven bins for three homes. Of those seven bins only two of my three were collected and none of my neighbors were picked up.

What is a citizen to do? I'll tell you what, I ran outside with another trash bag and dumped my rejected blue bin into it. I don't know how my neighbors are going to deal with rejection but I'm pretty much fed up with the whole shebang.

I admire men like Gore and Suzuki for doing what they do, but at the same time I know they're paid handsomely for it. My family and my neighbors pay for doing their part, is an OOPS at the curb on collection day. I'm not at all surprised why so many don't give a hoot and that some have the guts to say what a farce it has become.

Seriously, do any of you really think we're gonna avoid a meltdown? Let's see how well we keep our cool THIS summer...

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