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By Frank (registered) | Posted May 10, 2007 at 23:45:04

Hey Bumpy Ride, I'm not sure if you meant Queenston or Eastgate Malls... I've been to both and they're both busy... Perhaps you should visit the "edge of town" more frequently and you'll see that what you call the "edge" is actually more than meets the eye. As for a GO link, any BRT end terminal could be used. The terminal being built at Eastgate could easily incorporate GO buses... as for trains, it's hard to get them around the lake so until they start putting superelevation on highspeed GO tracks around the lake, be satisfied with buses that run from terminals into Burlington or Aldershot. Once the RHCE is complete you'll find it much easier to navigate both Queenston and Centennial. Currently Centennial is the only major eastern link to the Linc and it gets heavily used as such. The way the interchange between the RHCE and the Linc is going to be built, the route up Centennial to the Linc will be much less viable. Hope that answers some of your questions

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