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By scobb (anonymous) | Posted May 17, 2007 at 17:56:25

Ryan--you're a brave guy to put these numbers forward for folk to pick at. They are certainly numbers we all should be researching right now. Like a lot of guys, I live with someone who does not like fluorescents (my wife) and I would love to use LEDs because of their low power and high longevity. But for me it boils down to the lumens.

A 60-watt incandescent and a 18-watt fluorescent both give off about 1000 lumens. I haven't been able to find a commercially available LED "bulb" with more than 100 lumens. If you've seen a computer projector doing PowerPoint slides at 1000 lumens then the idea of one tenth the light of that is not very appealling. Nevertheless, I plan to replace the the bulbs in my desk lamps with LEDs just to get started.

Stephen Cobb

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