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By Lisa R (anonymous) | Posted May 18, 2007 at 15:39:37

Unfortunately, Mitchell's facts are based on assumptions rather than facts. Contrary to his claim, the core teachings of Judaism and Christianity are very different. The concepts of purpose of life, sin, 'soul', 'god', even what life is, etc are radically different between the two religions.

As much as Mitchell might hate to learn this, Judaism does not hold to a 'single Truth' model. Instead, Judaism supports the concept that there are countless truths for different groups that reach the same end. Yes, our practices are meant to differentiate ourselves from others. However, far from being a negative, this can be a positive. Personally, I couldn't imagine everyone in the world believing the same thing with one culture, look, etc.

As for harm/taking offense, Jews, for the most part couldn't care less what others believe so long as it doesn't impact us negatively. As there are many paths for many people there is no need for others to become Jews. As a result, we don't try to force our beliefs on others. That being said, the only time we feel offense is when others attempt to convert us and/or tell us how we're supposed to act as Jews.

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