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By postanon (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2007 at 13:42:46

As posted by Lisa R. : "That being said, the only time we feel offense is when others attempt to convert us and/or tell us how we're supposed to act as Jews."

I think that the word "Jews" could easily be replaced with "people". No one, whatever their faith, or lack of faith wishes to be converted, or told how to act 'for the greater good', esp. when it would not sit right within their own conscience or interests to do so.

If we believe or don't in evolution, we must agree that people are social beings (creatures, mammals) & share basic kinds of actions that come hand in glove with close social interaction.

We create a verticle mosaic in our society from what we value. Faith, money, conformity in ideas, appearance, & values. We seek comfort in sameness & self validation in common social mores & religious doctrines. Those who have most of what is required will always rise to the top of that infrastructure. Moving beyond that requires a bravery & self confidence that most people don't have or want to have. (and potential loss of whatever status we have achieved within our own niche/group.)

In my opinion, the Hamilton area is unique in the influence of it's faith based societies. (I had never in my life been asked what faith I was by a stranger, until I moved to this area, & was quite astonished to even have the question asked at all in this century.) Past life experience said the world had moved past that kind of complex & personal questioning. (well apparently not..)

From information in local media, it seems that the GHA has one of the highest rates of pregnant teens, (& at the lowest ages) & teen STD's in Ontario. Can we say that this is a 'faith based' symptom? Can we say that this is a failure in the educational system, or parent failure? Maybe we can say that it's God's will, & shouldn't be tampered with at all? Perhaps it's God's wrath?

If we stopped vaccinating babies & young children against childhood diseases & stopped educating parents about disease prevention, could we say that all the deaths & long term illness' resulting are God's will, too?

I think that in a free society we all must act in accord with our own consciences, with the knowledge that we all have consciences. It is quite possible to have one without going to a religious institution on a regular basis.

" Sitting in a church doesn't make you a Christian, anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car."

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