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By jason (registered) | Posted May 22, 2007 at 10:06:29

great post Ben. I love the Hammer and can easily find more good than bad, but you're right - enough experiences like that drive one crazy. part of the blame lies in the citizenry of the city - I overheard someone recently bemoaning "your tax dollars at work" when we caught a glimpse of a Victoria Day fireworks display. Perhaps Hamilton is too 'grown-up'? We've forgotten how to have fun. Thousands of kids had a blast on Victoria Day, yet an adult would rather have that money spent to repave more roads. The Gore could become a fabulous place if we just let a group of kids run the BIA for a year. They still appreciate fun and excitement as an integral part of life. Seems the folks running that particular BIA only get excited about more parking.

City Hall can frustrate the best of us, but too many deadbeats get the press when something unique, fun or fabulous is proposed for our city. To me that's a bigger problem.

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