Comment 67235

By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted August 02, 2011 at 14:42:01 in reply to Comment 67231

My voting preferences are generally pretty progressive. And I think that I did make my ballot choices with an eye to that, though it wasn't phrased as clearly or succinctly.

It's an open question as to whether the 'average' Hamiltonian is going to make that leap, wholesale. My gut suspicion is that, no, there might be partial agreement on ends but disagreement as to means. I imagine that it would be a rarified subset of the electorate that would be down with the whole program, but it's only guesswork.

At this stage, councillors and potential councillors tend to hedge toward the centre in hopes of raking in the most votes. You'd potentially have more success developing such consensus post-election. But it's like the question of a referendum dynamic with regard to LRT: Many advocates would like the voice of the people to be the final word on the topic, but there's always the chance that council actually does represent the majority.

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