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By Jonathan Dalton (registered) | Posted August 03, 2011 at 08:40:03

Hamilton is vastly different than Vancouver and if you think otherwise spend a day or two in each. Vancouver is the destination city for many miles around. The heart and centre of a metropolis of almost 3 million.

Those points were acknowledged in the article. There are similarities, and there are differences. When comparing two things, you tend to find both. I think the point of the article was to point out the divergent paths of urban planning that each city took.

Just as it would be naive to assume the two cities are identical, it would be equally so to assume that they are so fundamentally different that we cannot possibly learn anything from them.

Also note the author grew up there, so he might have a bit of perspective.

Corporate headquarters, huge commercial presence

Historically, this has not been the case. If anything, Vancouver has attracted high quality employment through creating a desirable living environment. Note that most of the highrise construction there is for residential. That was certainly my observation after spending some time there.

and the provincial capital.

Check yer facts on that one.

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