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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 03, 2011 at 09:22:19 in reply to Comment 67274

Better to just say we like things the way they are and anyway there's no hope to change them. That way we don't have to make any effort, we can just sit on the sidelines and tut tut.

In fairness, it's important to remember that this site is a 'special interest forum'. It's like going to a sport site; the passion and depth and breadth of interest there is not reflective of the 'world out there'. Many/most people in this city just live their lives. They do what they do, they love who they love, they eat what they eat...and much the stuff that's touched upon here never really enters their consciousness. It's simply not a priority. At all.

Change, improvement, visions will never be actualized to their maximum if we're constantly placing our faith in this wunderkind politician or that piece of good luck from on-high.

I don't care about the apathetic ones. I care about changing our reference points so that those apathetic ones can be seduced into seeing the possibilities. But certain elements must be in play in order for real change to happen.

And those changes aren't primarily contingent upon the involvement our elected officials. They're primarily contingent on those of us whose eyes and ears...and minds...are already open.

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