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By RB (registered) | Posted August 04, 2011 at 15:02:57 in reply to Comment 67249

Yup, you hit the nail on the head. I was born & raised in Vancouver (Burnaby > West End > Yale Town > Port Moody > Coquitlam > Hamilton, ON) and that is the one thing that EVERYONE seems to gloss over: IT IS NOT LIVABLE! It's only livable if you're loaded. My wife and I were the only ones our of all our friend who could afford to buy a house... in Coquitlam. Hahaha... livable... hilarious...

It's really too bad that people have been coming to Vancouver from all over the place and not giving a care for it's history, past, architecture or the nice, friendly neighborhoods it once had. Now everything is built right out to the property lines (even in the suburbs!), nobody speaks to your neighbors, most people work multiple jobs just to pay rent and the drugs are just destroying peoples lives like never before. Ask some people what the place was like in the '80's and you'll get a an interesting perspective to the current state of things.

I love the place and visit family a few times a year, but I can see the negative side of things there that most people who visit never quite seem to talk about.

At least the auto insurance & property taxes are CHEAP!!!

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