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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted August 04, 2011 at 15:33:24 in reply to Comment 67328

Highwater: From the perspective of urban studies, your link offers the highest "Link-to-Value" ever on this site!

What has blocked Hamilton from becoming a true urbanized core over decades, has been the grand seduction of home & garden ownership - quite obvious in the expanding suburbs, but even more so in the lower city. This has powered the majority of our recent upswing in property acquisition, restoration and redevelopment in the lower city.

This trend along with the grotesquely simplistic lateral splitting of the lower city with the otherwise urban life-generating light-rail; and the huge upsurge in health related services right smack on our only Art & Cultural Square on Bay & Main, will only reinforce the suburbanization of the quality of life in our lower city.

It is our cultural preferences that prevents us from seeing and believing in the urban alchemy of something like the AGO-OCAD-Grange Park setting. We settle for suburban plans so easily.

What will be left is mostly a scattered, disconnected, patchwork of sites in the lower city - to attempt a mutated form of urbanism around price-to-earning challenged condo developments; and a lot of time on hand to prop arguments around the kind of urbanism "others in our city" must aspire towards, while "we" retire every evening to our suburban preferences in an urban setting.

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