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By alan mcflab (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2011 at 18:19:26

culturally sterile in the sense that
the only real concert hall that has been consistently open in Vancouver was demolished to make room for (you guessed it) condos (richards on richards), or that the contemporary art scene is completely influenced by (you guessed it) a condo developer (rob rennie)...

i told a friend of mine from vancouver ( who left a few years ago ), about this article. his response was "dear god, hamilton is everything that vancouver isn't....don't ever try and turn hamilton into something like vancouver, that would be a tragedy"

i mean honestly it is great to advocate for things like a few more bike lanes or heritage protections, but seriously these places that a lot of people on this forum want hamilton to emulate (places like portland, san fran, vancouver etc) are completely soul destroying vacuums of blandness. I would hate to wake up in hamilton, and find green glass monstrosity buildings everywhere, and a whole foods on every corner, which is easily accessible by skytrain....what a nightmare

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