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By JasonAAllen (registered) - website | Posted August 08, 2011 at 15:59:56

Michelle - what an amazing post. I had the privelege of volunteering in a level 2 boarding home for a couple of years, and have seen the 'warehousing' of mentally ill people first hand. I have often had people ask me "if it's that bad, why don't they just kill themselves?" My reply is that even in all that darkness, there can be some sweet moments - moments that make it worth going on. On the flip side, with a near record number of people stepping in front of GO Trains last year, the alternative can be all too easy.

I also cringe everytime that people cower from someone who is obviously mentally ill (and by extension usually homeless). People with mental illness (or Brain Illness as a friend used to call it - so it sounds more like cancer or emphysyma, than something that can be overcome by 'snapping out of it') are far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators: To wit the horrific cowardly attacks in Parkdale in Toronto earlier this year. Thanks for your insight.

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