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By DanielRodrigues (registered) - website | Posted August 12, 2011 at 09:47:02

To add to the above comments (which are very much appreciated), Canadians have steadily purchased more fuel over the last 5-years (with a small decline in 2008). Here are the numbers according to StatsCan: 2006: 38.65 billion litres 2007: 39.63 billion litres 2008: 39.15 billion litres 2009: 39.71 billion litres 2010: 40.56 billion litres

With the recent changes in legislation requiring all Provinces to have at least 5% of fuel sold contain renewable fuel content, the net result means that Canadians will have to visit the gas station more often. While the addition of renewable fuels to gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the fuel economy deteriorates resulting in more fill-ups. Using data like the above may not necessarily mean that we are driving more, but rather just consuming more...

While I don't necessarily disagree with Ryan's "simply to drive less" approach, I think the better phrase would be to "drive more responsibly". As a person who's business demands require me to drive almost daily, I would rather have a vehicle which attains double my mileage and reduces its impact on the environment. Based on the current pushback from the automobile manufacturers, I'll likely be in my retirement years before I'll be able to get behind the wheel of one of those vehicles (affordably)!

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