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By highwater (registered) | Posted August 16, 2011 at 10:23:18 in reply to Comment 68041

The Hazard Land designation refers to natural hazards that pose flooding and erosion risks. The Conservation Authority's Planning and Regulation Policies Guidelines (section 2 Natural Hazards), explains the risks associated with these types of lands, and the regulations and guidelines you'll need to follow if you want to make any changes to your property.

"River and stream systems, shorelines, and hazardous sites are of public interest and can pose a risk to property and human safety by causing flooding, slope failure, and unexpected collapsing of the land."

"Flooding and erosion hazards put people at risk, can cause extensive damages to property and infrastructure, and cause social and economic disruption to the communities that are affected. River and stream systems can be affected by severe flooding events or valley slope failures along shorelines."

"Erosion hazards mean the loss of land, due to human or natural process, that pose a threat to life and property."

A site doesn't have to contain toxic chemicals to pose a threat to people and the environment.

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