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By rednic (registered) | Posted August 16, 2011 at 22:37:48 in reply to Comment 68070

well not quite in the spec;

'Farr said Tuesday’s decision to try to save the west wing could ensure the preservation of the sculptures. He added Vrancor is considering covering the reliefs within the week, as the work continues around them.'

the article you link to is fated June 8

important points

'try to save' 'considering covering'

This is called hedging you bets . If preservation was a primary goal it would of been started before the demolition.

Todays article contains the even more intriguing paragraph

'The city said Vrancor will only violate their permit if they leave the west wing, 80 feet east of Caroline Street, intact. If they do this, Vrancor will be required to have an engineer’s report to ensure the stability of the wing.'

So the demolition permit is 'void' if the rest if is left standing. Tomorrow the city inspectors can walk in and demand the whole thing comes down.

So do you think Vrancor spent their money on an engineers report on how to save the building or an engineers assessment on how to make it structurally unsound as quickly as possible ?

Only the crane operator really knows.

To the people who think Vranich is 'cozy' with Bratina .. Have a look at Farr and his double speak on this and the catherine street saga. Is he really working for residents at this point ?

my bet .. this will be a parking lot before catherine street is cleaned up.

pls I need help with mark up is there a link?

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