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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted August 23, 2011 at 01:11:49

Undustrial: "This was published in 2007 (and like most government reports, was already dated) .....Heinberg et al., predicted the oil price spikes, the economic crash, the political upheavals and vanishing resources we are now witnessing a decade ago, with frightening accuracy..."

I am no expert on peak oil, hence I am asking you this: How would you factor this below in helping us better understand as to what exactly is going on here?:

"WTRG Economics gathers data from industry, government & proprietary sources and uses years of experience, sophisticated economic, statistical and financial analysis tools to compile its current and historical Oil Price History and Analysis."

Or how such deep convictions came to pass: "We are convinced that the age of skyscrapers is at an end. It must now be considered an experimental building typology that has failed. We predict that no new megatowers will be built, and existing ones are destined to be dismantled." (note: I am deeply conflicted here, for Nikos Salingaros whom I hold in the highest esteem seems to have inadvertently got his name involved in this rare fumble - possibly on account of the implicit shock of the event referenced here).

Could there be a remote chance that a massive cognitive dissonance, is driving peak theories to not take into full account - all the facts on declining natural resources, new technologies, the transition phase of an economic shift, population growth and migration?

As I said I am no expert on this peak oil stuff -- but would you be willing to consider the above for a brief moment, if only to see where this may lead us?

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