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By GerryM (registered) | Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:20:01

Yes, old stone work does need to be re-pointed from time to time, i.e., to have the surface mortar that has started to weather replaced; and it is essential not to use modern cement

As regards basements (and also canal and harbour works in stone) it was necessary to use a cement that can harden under water -- a trick known to the ancients (Romans in particular) but lost for hundreds of years -- re-disovered in England and in US for construction of the Erie Canal (1817-1825), and in Canada used for the second and third Welland canals (built 1841-1887) and the Rideau waterway (1838-?). Portland cement was not introduced in Canada until 1889. Concrete blocks were manufactured here since 1907. W.F. Gibson used concrete blocks in 1912 to construct a house in Grimsby.

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