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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 27, 2011 at 11:18:34 in reply to Comment 68435

I disagree that RTH is cuffed by a format which restricts protracted dialogue...

It's absolutely cuffed. It's cuffed by the format...which produces less a dialogue than serial monologues. Yes, it is possible to have a pseudo-correspondence going with someone(s) but there has to be some kind of compression, some kind of focus. What happens here, even in a nested section, is that there are ideas and concepts flung out, retrieved, considered and responded to...but the interludes are much too short. As well, there is no real fostering, no infusion by the Editor/Publisher, there's no 'moderation' in the sense of moving things in a direction, not in the sense of truncation or the like. Boards such as this are starting points. But they're not the ne plus ultra of 'dialogue'. Their design simply don't allow for it...and when you consider how people post, in scattered bursts, on the fly, at their office desks, whatever... Would you want to have a substantive dialogue in this way? Would any relationship last, or flourish if these restrictions were applied? Hence my belief in salons and seminars...and town hall meetings.

...when all eyes are reading and waiting for something to get their creative juices oozing again, folks who really understand what true dialogues are are far less enthused in infusing them.

Why? I don't get your point at all. Are you saying that those who understand what 'true dialogues' are are disinclined to want to infuse because there's no point? Maybe because of the inherent limitations of the form, and everything I've just spewed...? LOL I find it intriguing that you're maintaining that 'all eyes are reading and waiting for something to get their creative juices going again'. What's not getting them going here? What's the bulwark? What opportunities are they looking for? What's holding everyone back? Trolls? A lack of real engaging discourse? I'm not being glib or facetious; I'd like to know what you're implying.

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