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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted August 29, 2011 at 17:23:47 in reply to Comment 68597

Its sad that people like you, who have a pure vision and belief, have been betrayed by this process. I appreciate what you have to say and the time you took to write it and am proud that there are people like you who care so deeply about this city in this city :)

However, the Ti-Cats organization for me has been irrevocably tainted by their own lies and hostage-taking negotiating style. They have cost this city the opportunity to build a real, lasting legacy of amateur athletics. Unfortunately the process is so opaque that I don't even know what is true, but I believe that the proposal is to pave over Brian Timmins stadium? If true the amateur athletics community is left the worse for this debacle. As for the stadium precinct - the harsh reality is people do not really hang around IWS after games today, and this will not change by throwing some money at the problem.

We could have done so much more with this money - created a real city playground for all our residents.

A stadium and a couple of new bars do little to create a city that will become the best place in Canada to raise a child....

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