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By C'est le chat! (anonymous) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 03:31:59

This city is being shafted, and council is too busy trying to look pretty.. Well two out of council does not, and are being representatives who fight the flow... They are doing what was elected of them.. To question on behalf of us..

However their voices are out numbered, and need help from other reprisentitives of other wards to convey their message... Write your counselors folks! If your counselor does not listen, it's your right to vote them out..

Lawrence, you spoke a thousand words, and elocuantly said.. You spoke of community involvement and representation which is lacking heavily in this town along side of the sports facility you spoke highly of...

Communtiny is something this city doesn't have for the most part, as we elect the same individuals term and term again, which in istself is dissapointing, as it displays "if it aint broke" sorta mentality..
I've never been to one ti-cat game in my life, and I'm very disapointed that a league... a sports team speaks for me... it doesn't...
I attend the arts, and take in many concerts, and most dissapointed that Hamilton doesn't even put on a proper Handel's Messiah at Christmas, like most metropolitain areas do...

But man.. that's just me!

Don't we deserve something different now that the 70's are over...
"The glory days of the 40's are gone", we now have corperate takeovers... and NO city should ever be taken over by a corperation, it should follow the voice of the people.. however the people don't like change in this town as I've come to discover, in various ways...

It's a lunch bucket town as I've read. now with lunch bucket children strung out on meth in front of Jackson Square(which is sad as it too can be found on Rue St. Catherine), with Tim Horton's drive through mentality that have dominated over all..

Hell Tim Horton started here... Can he be so wrong... The only thing that's diferent is I think he played hockey, and not football...

I'm dissipointed with Hamilton, I've moved back and forth between Montreal Toronto, and Hamilton since 1987, and even since I see changes elsewhere nothing has ever changed here!

Well except football, I guess.. :) Alouettes < what I was refering to..

I really felt the need to write something, and I'm sorry if I came off wrong.. I speak french mostly, however I did feel I felt at home in Hamilton enough to comment...
I feel at home mostly in Montreal, however Hamilton has this Montreal feel, but never developped in what I see...
It has some sort of potencial that it has never grassped or felt the need to..

I've never seen so many Tim Hortons.. lol that's why I used the drive through thing..
I felt most at home seeing the recontruction of that buiding next to the lister..
it's now gone, but it looked so nice to see a facade restored in the beginning..

In some ways I hope Hamilton wakes up, as I wold like to stay here... I would like to have a family one day with my boyfriend who is from this city..
What's amazing is how positive it is being outside of Toronto for gay people, and a place to call home..
I think that speaks a thousand words, and the people here have had something to do with it..

I say this...
Speak up Hamilton, you, and I guess me too have a voice here, and what I see I haven't made Mr. Farr's life very happy with the notes I've been sending his way!

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