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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 09:52:54 in reply to Comment 68639

Alright, so you get us RTHers, and a few other people who care about municipal politics (CATCH, that other group that started up in the last year or two...etc.) but how do you get anyone to stick with it, or how do you get buy-in from the average Joe Hamilton?

They read the newspapers, they see the backroom dealings, the lack of transparency, the lack of engagement, the stadium fiacso, the velodrome fiasco, etc. etc. and they hate it. They think the city is on the wrong track and they are disengaged and disinterested because nothing they can do will ever get through to city hall.

Tell me, what civilian-led successes have we had in Hamilton? Getting a stoplight added is a monumental task. Getting people talking about LRT was a herculean effort (now, probably wasted). So what beacons of hope can you hold up to show citizens that they aren't wasting their time in coming out to these town halls, and that they can accomplish something?How are you going to do to convince the average citizen of Hamilton that civic engagement will make any difference at all?

I'm trying not to be critical, I want your town hall initiative to succeed, but I think you have a pretty difficult obstacle to overcome - apathy. I think you need to consider it seriously sooner rather than later.

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