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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 30, 2011 at 11:03:24 in reply to Comment 68654

I will say that what brought us to the Ivor Wynne Victory, didn't make me feel all that excited about the outcome either.

I have obviously been desperately trying to make others feel good about this aside from what transpired for 8 months and I do get it. I am not naive to the fact and I am not saying that we should all throw out a great, big, passive oh well, but I have to say I would love to see a timeline and some answers filled into the blanks.

I know there is basically a timeline on this site of articles in order from us first being selected as a host city to today, but how about one specific to the voting process? Does one exist? Just curious.


  1. Date 1 - council all agreed West Harbor is our #1 choice. Vote 1 in the books. Did we talk to Bob Young? Is there a record?
  2. Date 2 - council re-affirmed it's position. Some more details were released. Did we call Bob Young? Did he say in an interview that perhaps council didn't read, that he had some concerns? Did he call council to voice concerns? Oh well. Not our problem if he doesn't call our offices.
  3. Date 3 - third time re-affirming our position of West Harbour being confirmed site - some major developments but we are assuming Bob is still on board as he said 2 years ago that he doesn't really care. Why would this major news change his mind.
  4. Date 3 - voting yet again. I am not sure what we are voting for anymore. I just keep putting my hand up. I thought I heard Bob Young had some concerns? Oh well. He said he'd play anywhere. Bob: I thought I read that this and that had changed re: West Harbor. They should know that wouldn't be cool and I would hope they would call me to let me know of any major changes in the plan. Oh well. If they don't call me it's not my fault.
  5. Date 4 - and so it goes ...

Maybe we could mend some fences if we could look at our timeline from a different standpoint? What could have been overlooked from both angles? If all three sides (or 4 if you include citizens), from IO to Council to the Tiger-Cats, end up all being equally (or very close to being equal) to blame in the end, then perhaps we can move on as a hard lesson learned and we can go back to feeling better about supporting the Cats or less judgemental of council's every move. Maybe as Adrian aluded to, it's more about city staff themselves but I chose to believe at this moment, that teams fail as a collective - not as individuals. Pointing fingers at the captain or firing the coach, does nothing if we are not forced to take a long, hard look at ourselves.

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