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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 11:21:54

I support any endeavour to get people together to discuss civic issues, Mr StoneyCreek, so best of luck to you.

But watching this renewed Pan-Am debacle unfold, I'm left deflated, wondering how more public discussion will accomplish anything. The facts are pretty well known by now, and the reason this zombie won't stay dead is because its decomposing remains still stink and the whole city can smell them.

Still, nothing changes.

The 'new normal' of muni politics in Hamilton has emerged: one where the mayor side-steps critical public inquiry by holding court via friendly media outlets; where key decisions are made in the dark because council and staff also want to avoid tough questions, and; when unable to hide or otherwise shield decision-making from public scrutiny, these decisions are just made unilaterally with the knowledge that official and unofficial watchdogs aren't empowered enough to stop it.

So elected and unelected officials continue to do as they please because they know that accountability is an idea that is virtually unenforceable in this town.

Short of pitchforks and torches, how can a citizenry that routinely abdicates its responsibility to hold leaders to account (by re-electing them) show the Mayor and Council that there are checks on their power? Hell, even the Code of Conduct, meant to guide our wayward councilors towards a virtuous path seems to be built to fail.

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