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By Boomer (registered) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 12:18:43

Unfortunately it's too late but when you stand back and look at all of this:

What makes sense: Build at West Harbour in a proper sports/entertainment district and help reinvigorate downtown while cleaning up a brownfield. It would integrate with future LRT and GO service, and has more parking space than Ivor Wynne. The Cats won't have to play elsewhere during construction, so the city won't have to compensate the team for associated costs. The city can sell the Ivor Wynne property (easier to sell than the West Harbour land) and put the proceeds toward the stadium/velodrome, or back into the local neighbourhood...

What doesn't make sense: What we've been witnessing so far. Backroom deals by a mayor allergic to scrutiny of any kind. Having to take your team on the road for a season or two because you want to build on the site of your current stadium, a location the team originally said didn't work for them anymore, and having taxpayers subsidize that decision. A site that has less parking space available than downtown. Stuck with a downtown brownfield no private developer will touch, that will have to be cleaned up anyway (at a higher cost if for residential use).....

So naturally, which way does the city go?

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