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By RB (registered) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 12:27:33 in reply to Comment 68659

I agree; there doesn't seem to be much complaining until after something has been torn down/demolished.

And I have to point out the fact that Mr.Meister is correct in saying that people seem quite content to spend other peoples money. I own various rental properties in the city, and even my close friends feel like they can tell me what I "should" & "shouldn't" do with my property. But it's most amusing when it's coming from people who don't have a pot to piss in. Most of my "outspoken" friends on this issue are also some of the financially poorest ones of the bunch. Gee... what a coincidence.

I, as an accountant and NOT a surgeon, would not tell an MD how to perform his job/give workplace advice, therefore I cannot seem to fathom how someone who has trouble scraping together enough cash to pay their rent or cable bill can tell me what I should do with a $150K property. People are funny animals.

The Costco in Ancaster is bizarre... I go a few times a month (big family!) and looked at the sandwich board they have in the entrance with a birds-eye shot of the proposed new building. It's literally like 50ft away from the existing one, and is practically the same size.

Obviously, there is a reason for this, but it just seems strange at first glance.

And I agree that it seems like a big waste of resources, especially when we don't know all the reasons why.

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