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By jason (registered) | Posted August 30, 2011 at 14:58:45

dang. I sent that exact cross-section as an idea to the city several years ago for Cannon Street... works beautifully and would fit perfectly on Cannon. One problem - the cars aren't flying by at 70km/hr. No wonder we don't do things like this in Hamilton.

Call them 'bike highways' in order to speak the vernacular common to most folks at city hall. Now imagine one on Cannon St across the entire city, connecting to bike lanes both ways on York Blvd past Bay. Now, take one lane on Queen Street from the waterfront to the escarpment and put a 2-way bike-lane there. Ditto for Wellington and Wentworth Street from water to escarpment. Same on Bay from Hunter to Cannon where we have a glut of one-way lanes....connect into normal bike lanes north of Cannon and south of Hunter. And the most radical of all - take away a lane (gasp!) on Main Street for a two-way bike lane, AND add 24-7 street parking on the other curb lane of Main, leaving 2-3 car lanes open.

Hamilton would be safer, more business friendly, more kid friendly and more livable simply by doing this. And of course, doing it properly with flower beds at intersections where possible and green bike boxes at intersections etc......

Or we can maintain 5 lane truck freeways everywhere.

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