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By Mrs. Meister (anonymous) | Posted September 01, 2011 at 18:00:18

Yes of course there are examples of 1-way streets in other cities that seem to work fine, and often work fine in conjunction with bike lanes and pedestrian activity. I think what gets lost in the 1-way vs 2-way debate is that Hamilton's one way's are quite unique:

They have timed lights.

This I've never seen before in other cities and I think is the number one reason for everything debated above. The timed lights promotes speeding as one races to 'catch up' to the green lights. This is why our streets are fast, seem dangerous, and scare away bicyclists and business's. 3-lanes vs. 5-lanes?.. Who cares, just untime those lights! 1-way vs. 2-way?.. I'd rather untime the lights, THEN argue about this.

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