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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted September 01, 2011 at 20:28:02

After doing some reading, I've come to learn that what we have on our streets like Main and King is actually called Coordinated traffic lights. Synchronized traffic lights would be if 10(for example) lights all turned red or green simultaneously. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about coordinated traffic lights.

Speed is self-regulated in coordinated signal systems; drivers traveling too fast will arrive on a red indication and end up stopping, drivers traveling too slowly will not arrive at the next signal in time to utilize the green indication. In synchronized [ie not what we have here in Hamilton, but could be compared to intersections that are not coordinated] systems, however, drivers will often use excessive speed in order to "make" as many lights as possible.

Benefits include: * Increasing the traffic handling capacity of roads.

* Reduce accidents, both vehicular and pedestrian. 

* Encourages travel within the speed limit to meet green lights.

* Reduce unnecessary stopping and starting of traffic - this in turn reduces fuel

consumption, air pollution, noise and vehicle wear and tear. * Improve journey time.

* Reduce driver frustration and 'road rage'.

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