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By TreyS (registered) | Posted September 01, 2011 at 22:20:11

off topic but two above me.... wait, what? Delta is closing? Can we somehow close our local Board of Ed before they close down every neighbourhood school that is not south of the Linc? In effect making it impossible for any innercity neighbourhood to gentrify. Without a school, that kinda is a deal breaker for many young, functioning families to move to an area that we call "CODE RED" that for some reason doesn't have a school.

Let me check that//// scratch my head, we're moving out of Toronto, so that we can afford a 2.5 story 1930 fixer-upper for less than our Yonge/Eg 2-bed rent.? That's about right, there is a reason... first the HWDSB closed all the schools in almost every urban area, (they are now looking to close schools on the 'old mountain'). And you will still commute to your Toronto job, even years after you tried to find a similar job locally, even at half the pay in a city (so-called 504,000 Hamilton), you decide that enough of the commuting is enough, and then it is you realize the reason why the houses are cheap in Hamilton, that's the reason why they are cheap in Hamilton, the reason is why because they are in Hamilton. Keep going down the QEW Niagara and cross the Peace Bridge and see what $80,000 kind of house will buy you. .. A MANSION... but guess why?

Then our 'think-tank-buckets' go, "oh let's analysis our poverty problem for decades and hold Spectator spectacles". They look like they are trying, trying to 'drill down' trying so hard to find out what could be the heart of the problem.. My gosh, effort after effort, round table after round table, symposium after symposium, gawsh darnit after gawsh darnet, we'll get to the bottom of this if it takes ten more community councils and 100s more meetings and round tables... but we'll find out.. mark my words... we'll get to the bottom of this poverty enigma. Yes Terry Cooke that means you, Yes, Dana Robbins that means you, yes CHML Tree of Hope that means you, YOU know why>>> there is a poverty problem in Hamilton. .. jobs. Stop fooling around, we know there is a problem and the reason is obvious. The solution is a much more dangerous issue that no one wants to consider. The people that hold the power to the solution would much rather leave everyone hanging onto the "problem that be" rather than at hand because the next to hold the bag is them.

Our poverty problem, our inner-city problems, the reason why our schools close, is for no other reason than ... JOBS... good paying JOBS, the way it was kinda decent wage JOBS.... 5 new Walmart jobs do not equal 1 lost Stelco job or one Camco job or one Proctor & Gamble Job or one Firestone Job or one IBM job or Royal Bank of Canada or Bank of Montreal or 1 Siemans job or one single Lakeport Job.... does it? But our "statsCan employment numbers continue to rank our employment levels as 'better than average', but for some reason our poverty issue is well below average.

Consider a father of 4 who lost his; Siemens, or- Stelco, Firestone, Lakeport, Royal Connaught, Price-Waterhousecoopers, IBM, AIC, and the list goes on indiscriminately of 'collar color', those lost jobs are the reason for our poverty. Do we really need the smartest people ... like Terry Cooke, like Ryan McGreal, like Harry Stinson to actually tell us these things?

Those families that are fortunate enough to regain employment, or gained employment outside of Hamilton and they moved house, or put their Hamilton house up for sale (to some Toronto suckers) and moved into the GTA or commuted for a life of hell or took a significantly less paying job.

Another note: is why is McMaster one of the highest recruiting undergrad out-of-town Universities in Canada, but also ranks highest among the universities that exports post-grads ??>.

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