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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted September 02, 2011 at 10:23:32 in reply to Comment 68952

If they tear down Delta I'll be ticked. They have dones some substantial renno's on the front exterior at least. Not sure about inside.

I do not agree with one closure. Especially Parkview and Delta. Rent out office space or shop space or whatever to local businesses. Use that empty space for alternative uses so that when you point out Pxtl, that the density returns, we have the schools there because otherwise we are going to sell all this land, will have no land for schools, and substancial funding will be needed to build enough schools to carry the demand.

Our desire with the proposed LRT and such is to curb urban sprawl and build density below the mount. So why wouldn't we prepare for that? This article in today's Spec tells me we need to look at frivilous spending instead of continuing the way we are and closing schools to make up for our funding shortfalls.

Control needs to be handed to the teachers who are in these schools each and every day and the board should simply report on what the educators are telling them.

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